(serves 2)
– instant gelatin 15 g honey, 2-3 tsp.
– natural yogurt (10%) 200 ml
– milk 40 ml
– water 80 ml
– 3-4 tangerines or oranges 2 pcs.

Pour gelatin with cold boiled water and leave to swell. Heat half of the swollen gelatin in a water bath until dissolved.
⠀⠀ To prepare panna cotta, all products must be at room temperature. Mix milk with yogurt and warmed gelatin, honey.
Pour milk mixture into glasses and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Prepare the orange portion for the panna cotta. If the oranges are not sweet enough, you can add a little honey.
⠀⠀ Squeeze out the orange juice, add the rest of the gelatin to it. Heat the orange juice in a water bath.
⠀⠀After the white layer of the panna cotta has hardened, pour the orange part into the glasses.
Place panna cotta in the refrigerator for an hour until completely solidified. Add the orange slices on top of the panna cotta for serving. If you want more sweetness, increase the amount of honey or use your favorite sahzam!